PhD Projects at Bullard Labs – 2024

Bullard Labs, Department of Earth Sciences, is a vibrant hub of cutting edge research and teaching in geophysics and tectonics that is located in west Cambridge. During the 20th century, it played a pioneering role in the development of marine geophysics and the discovery of plate tectonics. Today, it consists of 10 academic staff, 20+ PhD students and ~12 postdocs, along with administrative and technical staff, and undertakes a broad range of research in seismology, geodynamics, active tectonics, Earth imaging and the climate.

This web page lists all academic staff together with PhD projects that they are offering for an October 2024 start. A variety of funding opportunities are available to prospective students through Gates Cambridge, C-Clear DTP, Cambridge Trust and Bullard’s own Girdler scholarship. Any funding you wish to be considered for can be specified in your application, which must be completed on-line via the Applicant Portal. Further details on eligibility and fees can be found here. The submission deadline is January 4th, 2024.

If you are interested in applying for any of the PhD projects listed below, please contact the relevant supervisor in the first instance.

Dr David Al-Attar

Earth’s free oscillations, post-glacial sea level change, body tides, rotational dynamics, and geophysical inverse theory. Projects include

Prof. Alex Copley

Deformation and evolution of the Earth’s crust and upper mantle from field observations, seismology, geodesy, metamorphic and igneous petrology, and numerical modelling. Projects include

Dr Sanne Cottaar

Structure and dynamics of the deep Earth, including the core-mantle boundary, from the study of seismic waves. Projects include

Dr Adriano Gualandi

Nonlinear dynamical systems, friction, earthquakes and geodesy. Projects include

Prof. Jerome Neufeld

The fluid dynamics of multiphase fluid flows and the solidification of multicomponent alloys. Projects include:

Prof. Nick Rawlinson

Seismic imaging, geophysical inverse theory, observational seismology, intraplate volcanism and lithospheric structure. Projects include:

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